RocketRoute announces technology partnership with FL3XX

RocketRoute is integrating with FL3XX, a new generation management system for charter flight sales and operations, to offer a more comprehensive system with an array of new features, including automated route validation, mass and balance calculations, flight logs generation, aircraft current position and direction, as well as display of other planned routes, status checks, slot details and much more.

The new service is available today. Customers can now access all necessary services, including flight planning, crew briefing, dispatch, flight tracking and post-flight documentation in one system.

“Integrated workflow is the new benchmark for dynamic and responsive Flight Operations.” said Rob Randall, RocketRoute Flight Operations Specialist. “Entering flight details into multiple systems to cover scheduling, handling & flight planning is at the very least inefficient, and at most leads to costly mistakes.”

From now on RocketRoute and FL3XX members are able to provision flights much faster than ever before. They will receive quotes with ultra-precise flight times and they will be able to integrate services with owners and operators using FL3XX for sales and flight setup.

CEO and a co-founder of FL3XX, Paolo Sommariva commented: “The combination of RocketRoute and FL3XX gives customers a new approach to seamlessly plan their flights in the most effective way while obtaining full control over bookings, flight documents, briefings and last minute changes.”

RocketRoute’s reputation is based on a flight planning system with a worldwide scope and incorporating in-flight navigation. Combined with FL3XX, every service that pilots and dispatchers might need is now located in one place.

About FL3XX

FL3XX is a web based, API* driven, aviation management platform designed for charter and scheduled airlines. Based in Vienna, FL3XX provides jet operators worldwide with the most advanced platform that works on any mobile device. Available since Feb 2016, almost 50 operators rely on the fast, feature-complete platform. Interconnection is a core FL3XX value, where the API integrates dozens of services onto the platform, saving thousands of work hours.

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About RocketRoute

RocketRoute is a leading aviation services company, helping flyers to get airborne, anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day. With innovative and smart technology for flight planning, fuel, and concierge services, RocketRoute is transforming the aviation industry.

The company has processed over one million flights and has more than 120,000 registered users flying worldwide. RocketRoute works anywhere, on any device and brings together into one system, everything the individual pilot or flight department needs to operate an aircraft and to connect directly with service suppliers on the ground. The principles of fast, easy to use, direct access has been at the heart of the business since its formation in 2009, fuelled by its passion for aviation.

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