New FL3XX Data Shows Highest Level of Demand as Recovery Continues

Within the last few days, data analysts have continued to report on the recovery in business aviation activity. Data released by Avinode appeared to confirm evidence that the sector might, very tentatively, be starting to turn the corner on the numbing effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Avinode reported on July 2 that demand for US domestic travel through Avinode has been significantly higher than the same period last year and European demand has continued to increase in recent weeks. July has just reached the same level it had at the same stage last year, with indications it will improve further, moving into August. 

Similarly, FL3XX data over the past number of days report the highest levels of demand, as represented by a tripling of the level of quotes booked through the FL3XX system. This week quotes booked through our system surpassed a milestone of 3,000 quotes sent per day for the first time. 

This unprecedented increase in demand has led in some instances to a notable decrease in performance in the FL3XX system. 

“We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused our customers, as we know that all of you need a fast system to work efficiently.” said FL3XX’s Co-founder, Stefan Oberender.

“Over the past number of days, we have taken immediate steps to implement improvements on the infrastructure and the application in order to resolve these issues. We are happy to report the issue has been fully resolved and service improved with the timeline now loading up to six times faster, and the Sales page responding faster than ever.”

“We assure our customers that ample redundancy has been built into our system to cater for high service levels to be delivered consistently. We will increase our efforts, review our processes, reinforce training initiatives, and continue to be vigilant as robust system quality underpins our customers’ confidence in the services we provide.” Mr. Oberender added.

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