How do I change from my system to FL3XX?

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Your aviation job can be a lot faster

“Does this have to be so complicated? Isn’t there a better way to do it?”. You probably have that thought frequently in your current aviation job. Even the simplest tasks require you to call, send emails back and forth, wait for the replies and confirmations before moving on. Modern software will improve your day-to-day job a lot. It will save time, increase your sales and make your work more effective.

So, you realize that there are better tools on the market, but maybe you’re afraid that changing your main tool will be painful. With FL3XX it’s just 5 easy steps which will change the way you work, forever. Find out more in this article and get your company ready for the future with trusted technology. Without further ado…

Get in touch

The first step required is for you to let us know that you would like to know more about FL3XX. It’s the only step you have to take on your own at the beginning, so just drop us a message in the chat, over email or over the phone! Right from the start, you will be assigned an onboarding agent. Together, we will determine what are you missing from the previous provider, what you need now and what you can expect from us in the future.

After a deep understanding of your workflow and processes, we will make sure to customize the product to your expectations. This phase allows us to focus on your needs and introduce you to the next steps. Once we established this, we can start onboarding!

We onboard you in 5 steps

What happens next? We’ve prepared simple visualisation based on a fleet of 20+ aircraft and a rough timeline of the onboarding process.

  1. Data gathering:
    You will receive the checklist with all the data required to start setting up your instance immediately. We handle your data with the best care and safety; FL3XX is GDPR compliant and our first priority is the security of all the information shared.


  2. Data validation + Platform setup:
    After we receive all the necessary data we validate it carefully for you. If everything checks out, we set up your instance. This means that all your data, customers, and processes will be imported into your FL3XX instance. In your instance, you will be able to try FL3XX and test it before you decide to go live.


  3. Reality check & connectors:
    Now it is time to check out the software with your data. Schedule flights, write e-mails and ask your onboarding agent any questions you might have! Since your data is not live, you can make mistakes, learn, and try out all features and apps.


  4. FL3XX Training for your team:
    To make sure your whole team has the best FL3XX experience, we schedule a training session. Depending on your needs, this training can take place online or in your office. During your training, you receive a complete explanation of all features, workflow and integrations.


  5. Welcome on board!
    Congratulations, you are live with FL3XX! What an exciting moment! From now on, all your daily BizAv tasks will be fast and reliable. Just sure you download all the mobile apps to enjoy the whole experience.

We live happily ever after

From now on we will work together on the platform developments and integrations – All your ideas on how to improve FL3XX are welcome! We are always happy to receive your feedback..

Not yet convinced?

If you are not sure if FL3XX is the right choice for you and you want to find out more about our platform, we have a solution!
Join our webinar or schedule a call with our team. We are happy to answer any questions you have.

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