Here are 3 tips from Hahn Air Lines on how to attract new passengers

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Meet Hahn Air Lines; An executive charter and scheduled airline that works together with over 100,000 travel agencies worldwide and that distributes over 14.000 tickets a day in over 190 markets. On top of that, Hahn Air aims to grow their customer base of charter passengers by 50% per year. We spoke with Simon Riha, Chief Development Officer Flight Operations at Hahn Air Lines about their plans. He shared his 3 most important tips to gain new passengers for a charter airline.

Simon Riha

CDO Flight Operations at Hahn Air

“Strategic development of Flight Operations is a massive but exciting challenge! Our steady growth over the last years can be attributed to 3 strong factors that helped us stand out.”

1) Understand why your clients fly BizAv and make it better

Why are your passengers flying BizAv? It’s a tough question to answer but a crucial one, because it helps you to play to your strengths. But as easy as it is to say, as hard it is to figure it out. Thanks to multiple years of research, Simon Riha and his team at Hahn Air Lines were able to answer that question for themselves;

“We see that our passengers fly in Business Aviation because of the personal attention we can give each customer. We are able to combine this personal attention with a tailored and high-quality service”.

To play to their strengths then introduced a concept they call ‘Connoisseur Service’. Simon Riha:

“Through our recently introduced concept Connoisseur Service, we focus on quality and personal attention for customers. We invest a lot of time to prepare each flight to meet all individual wishes of the passenger. On both, our scheduled service and executive charter flights, we ensure that our customers arrive at their desired destinations timely, safely and comfortably, with an enjoyable and memorable experience.”

2) Develop a program to listen to the market

Your private aviation company most probably wants to attract, convert, and retain customers. It’s what every healthy business would want. Yet, it is hard to achieve unless you truly know your customers and what they require from your services. Simon advises to start a dedicated company strategy that constantly evaluates the needs of your customers and monitors the aviation trends. With this valuable information, you can adapt your companies offer and tailor it to the needs of the market. It has helped Hahn Air business significantly, as Simon elaborates:

“After thorough research, one of the things we saw is a need for regular premium flights between Dusseldorf and Mallorca in summer. That is why we introduced seasonal premium Scheduled Flights to this island over the weekends. Our premier customers can thus enjoy their weekends on this beautiful island, while in between we can operate executive charter flights from the busy Palma de Mallorca airport, benefiting from the local high demand.”

The results of this strategic move came in quick; during our talk Simon showed us how the new scheduled flights attracted attention both, in VIP circles and in the media, resulting in growing brand awareness and more executive charter business.

3) Use next-generation aviation management software

One of the biggest challenges for any software company is to scale. What do you do once you get new customers and flight requests? Modern Aviation Management Software will help you to sell flights and schedule flights and crew. Most software will even help you manage your aircraft, crew, maintenance and produce your monthly reports. Hahn Air Lines adopted FL3XX as an Aviation Management System at a very early stage:

“We save a huge amount of time and are able to handle our aviation data error-free. It has allowed us to scale rapidly without much additional investment. Our Sales department especially benefitted from this solution.”

When asked which features come in especially handy with their Aviation Management Software, the CDO Flight Operations of Hahn Air Lines says.

“We use FL3XX as our Aviation Management Software. It comes with massive advantages – from quoting, managing inquiries faster, increase the productivity of sales and quality of quotes to completely automated invoicing. In addition, we enjoy useful features like an iOS Calendar integration and automatic updates to our crew’s iPhone/iPad calendars according to flight schedules in FL3XX. This is especially useful with our growing number of flights.”

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