Flurry of connectors saves 95% time on ground

FL3XX announces a new era in aviation with the implementation of dozens of of connectors to its platform. It plans to build 100 connectors by the end of the year to save 95% of worktime to all users. The FL3XX platform manages pricing, quotes, sales, billing, dispatch, ops, pre-flight, post-flight, crew rostering, duty time, etc. It’s an Airline-in-a-box that ties together all the teams who sell aircraft capacity, manage and fly it.

The connectors automate the services by populating the data across external systems so users don’t have to enter the same data twice, execute faster and avoid mistakes. For example, the connector to Delisky, a catering platform based in Zürich requires the user to enter the tail number, departure airport and time, number of passengers, etc. That’s over 20 fields to enter for each catering order.

With FL3XX integration, all is pre-set and the user only needs to enter the dishes, the drinks and click save. All the rest is taken care of automatically.

There are dozens of services implemented, including Booking.com, Drivania, HRS, Delisky, RDC AirportCharges, BlueChap TailLog, RocketRoute, MyHandling, FlyEasy, PPS AirSupport, Primus, Spidertracks, Wordpress, Avinode, Eurocontrol CFMU, Eurocontrol EAD, FAA, Fuel&More, US DHS TSA, eAPIS, rusAPIS, Acukwik, Timeanddate, iOS, Android, calDav, FuelerLinx. Many more are going to be implemented in the coming weeks and months.

FL3XX also offers connectors to B2C sales portals such as Lunajets, jetHunter, Stratajet, Zuum and many more.

Asked about the future outlook, Paolo Sommariva CEO of the company said: “we see the connectors as value multipliers for our customers. They saved time using our platform and now they save additional time when using other platforms. They are very happy and we listen to their wishes to build the next connectors and improve the existing ones.”

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