FL3XX is IOSA compliant

As of this week, FL3XX is IOSA compliant. FL3XX needs to comply with the IATA Operational Safety Audit, because it provides IATA Member Airline Hahn Airlines with its aviation management suite. IATA Member Airlines are kept to a high standard of quality and safety, above the aviation requirements of EASA.

The IATA Operational Safety Audit was conducted by Stefan Schneider from AIRconomics. The IOSA scans for reliability of the system, its correctness and the usage by all Hahn Airlines teams with an extensive set of requirements. Stefan Oberender (FL3XX) and Simon Riha (Hahn Airlines) went through all requirements. FL3XX fulfilled every requirement. The only two minor observations* have been handled on the same day.

Paolo Sommariva: “We are satisfied with the result of this audit. We embrace any challenges and set high quality levels for our software, just as IATA members expect.”

As the aviation management suite of Hahn Airlines, FL3XX handles most of the airline processes, such as quoting, sales, invoicing, dispatch, ground ops, flight preparation, crew rostering, duty time control, crew travel, and maintenance.

*Findings in IOSA are categorized as Observations, level 3, level 2, level 1. Where level 1 is a safety hazard, while the observation is limited information that could lead to a finding.

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