FL3XX integrates Pulsar – Fatigue Management with 1 click

FL3XX integrates Pulsar

Decrease the time you spent doing Fatigue Risk Management by 90% with the latest integration between FL3XX and Pulsar! Your FL3XX crew flight data is automatically uploaded to Pulsar with the click of a button. No copy & paste or manual typing.

About Pulsar Fatigue Risk Management

Pulsar helps you identify ways to reduce the fatigue impact on your team and help you maintain a safe, efficient operation. The Fatigue Meter shows you exactly how operational factors such as long duty hours, jet lag, night work, and restricted sleep opportunities combine to create elevated fatigue risk. Pulsar’s data-driven and scientifically validated tool gives you the confidence to implement mitigation strategies such as a crew reassignment, planned naps, or an augmented crew.

Connectivity in mind

FL3XX is an aviation management platform for your BizAv company. Sell your flights, manage your quotes, schedule your flights, roster your crew and plan your maintenance; all in one platform. At FL3XX we believe all your current services should be connected in one place. Forget about copy & paste. Forget about email. All your services are connected in FL3XX.


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