The FL3XX Owner App (iOS & Android) for Business Aircraft Owners

Introducing the 5th member of the FL3XX family

The Owner App is the 5th member of the FL3XX Software Suite and the only Owner App on the market completely dedicated to private jet owners.

And that’s not all! Besides being available for both iOS and Android, the new version of the app is filled with features that will satisfy any user.

Connect with aircraft owners like never before!

The FL3XX Owner App allows owners who outsource the management of their aircraft, to access real-time aircraft updates from anywhere in the world.

The connection between the operators and owners has never been easier!

Features that will elevate your customer service

  • Find My Jet – Open the map and see where the aircraft is in real-time. Maybe it’s parked or maybe it’s flying, the owner has a complete overview.
  • 3D Walk-Through – With the 3D feature by Matterport™, the owner can show the amazing interiors straight from the app.
  • Schedule – See the aircraft’s scheduled flights.
  • Request Flights – Plan a trip with multiple flights and see the flight time and distance estimates.
  • Contacts – Reach your Key Account Manager and all relevant contacts straight from the app!
  • Reports – The owner can access the aircraft’s performance via detailed reports, including all related statistics of e.g. total flight time, number of flights, avg. passengers per flight, etc.
  • Dark Mode option
  • Multiple language options – To elevate the user experience, the app is now also available in German, Spanish, French, Italian, and Russian.


Next in the pipeline:

  • Approve charter flights.
  • Access detailed accounting.

Download the Owner App:

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