First helicopter business uses FL3XX as its Aviation Management Solution

Since the 4th of April 2019, Helistar uses FL3XX as its aviation management solution. Helistar is a renown Greek helicopter carrier that provides luxury transportation services throughout Greece.

Robin Mekiska

Helistar Chairman

“I recently began managing this operation. Almost everything was done by hand. With FL3XX, things are going at faster pace and we have a real workflow so that we always know what is complete and what is left to do. Of course not everything is perfect from the start, but the support is quick and everything gets solved in a very short time, even on weekends.”

The FL3XX team implemented the suite in two short weeks. Now, it takes care of Helistar’s entire fleet. Stefan Oberender, COO at FL3XX, is closely involved in the on-boarding of the helicopter carrier and highlighted, “It shows the dedication of our support and development teams. FL3XX is now suitable for helicopter carriers, and is able to develop something for Helistar that complies with Greek regulations and make full use of any heliport or airport in Greece.”

In the first week with FL3XX, Helistar has already seen a significant increase in efficiency–reducing the time it takes the Helistar specialists to quote, sell, and roster crew for every single trip.

Stefan Oberender is excited by this relationship, exclaiming “We look forward to upgrade Helistar’s success, and are excited to work together with them in the future on even more exciting helicopter features!”

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Helistar is a renown Greek helicopter carrier that provides luxury transportation services throughout Greece, with safety and comfort.

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