4 BizAv Trends to Get a Jump on in 2019

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Do you want to be on top of the latest BizAv trends? We have you covered! Here is our collection of the top trends surfacing in 2019, collected for you by our COO and co-founder Stefan Oberender.

1. The BizAv market is consolidating

Need proof? Just take a glance at VistaJet and Luxaviation’s latest announcements.

But, fleets are not the only consolidation. It’s happening across the whole BizAv industry! You see news about mergers throughout BizAv, such as last week, when California-based Aviaa acquired London-based Convolus.

Consequently, we see that companies are focusing on scaling up. You are either a crumb or the whole pie; there’s no middle ground.

So, are you scaling up to stay on top of the market? And if so, you gonna do that with an Excel spreadsheet or with a smart software as your foundation?

2. Digitization, data and integrations

“What is the biggest trend in BizAv right now?” you ask? Well, Digitization! The Schedulers & Dispatchers Conference (#SDC19) showed us more modern tools for scheduling and dispatching than ever before. With new regulations like PNR & APIS tightening their grips on operations, more and more tools for sales and compliance are popping up everywhere.

But all these great new tools mean that there is a lot more data to handle. Thus, software integrations are key. Your data must be synced across all of the tools you use. That is why we have embraced connectivity from the outset. One example is our recent integration with Pulsar, which reduces your Fatigue and Rest Management into just one click.

3. Smaller BizAv shows popping up

We hear numerous people–such as Patrick Hansen of Luxaviation–asking for tailored BizAv conferences. And we see companies like CJI organizing conferences and new versions of successful US BizAv meetings appearing in Europe — like Revolution.Aero (Did we mentioned that FL3XX CEO Paolo Sommariva will be one of the main speakers at this event?!). So, we will not be surprised if a few new & fresh BizAv shows pop up this year!

Certainly, the BizAv conference scene could benefit from its own SDC on ‘the old continent.’ We–and most of the industry–love the benefits of a smaller show, with a focused audience and constructive atmosphere. The AirOps Conference in Cannes went in the right direction, for example.

FL3XX Work2
FL3XX Work4
FL3XX Work3
FL3XX Work5

4. Ops are back in charge!

Operational departments seem to have regained control over their own sales, and thus, their businesses! And no, it is not just a rumor: our figures show a 36% increase in use per operator.

Part of this development emerges from integration requests within the marketplace. There are so many new ideas coming to life that we at FL3XX receive new requests to connect and integrate every week. And we love it because it helps us serve you, the BizAv world, with the most effective ways to operate aircraft.

Got any additional trends?

We would love to know. So drop us a message in the chat, send us an email, or even give us a call! Make sure not to stay behind your competitors and follow the trend of investing in great software for your BizAv operations. If you want to know what the main reasons are for BizAv companies to join FL3XX, check out the article “Why top BizAv companies are switching to FL3XX in 2019”.

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