3 new app features to boost your BizAv Sales

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The new FL3XX Sales app for iOS has been released! From receiving quote requests from your website to setting up and quoting the perfect flight for your customer; The brand new app will guide you through the process in a jiffy. The 3 latest features that will boost your BizAv sales:

1. Receive Flight Requests right in your menu

Navigating through your incoming Flight Requests should be fast and simple. Especially when you receive many Flight Requests through our Web Booking Widget and integrations with Avinode, ReturnJet and other platforms. With a simple swipe to the left, you can now easily navigate between all your incoming Flight Requests.

2. Manage your flights and crew in a unique Timeline

You handle a lot of data in your daily sales job. That’s why we offer you a clear timeline with a real-time overview of your flight and crew statuses. Operate in a clear overview where you are able to read and plan all your flights.

3. Use a UI that is completely tailored to your workflow

The new UI is tailored to your workflow. We sat together with many of our users and analyzed the way they do their sales. Hundreds of improvements were made to give you an app and workflow that works; It’s fast and simple.

The FL3XX Sales App is one of the most popular apps in the FL3XX Suite and now available to all users with a suitable account. Lisa Weber from Jet24 has been using the FL3XX Sales App for years and says:

“This update is amazing! It feels like the entire workflow is more streamlined and super fast. The app is a powerful tool and with the integrated timeline it’s easy to stay on top of our schedule.”

Lisa Weber


The FL3XX Sales App can now be downloaded at the App Store and an update for the Play Store will follow soon.

Download FL3XX Sales at the App Store

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