Paolo Sommariva is the new Chairman of the Associate Members Advisory Council (AMAC)

Paolo Sommariva is the new Chairman of the Associate Members Advisory Council (AMAC)

WRITTEN BY Filip Ranebo ON May 6, 2019.

Paolo Sommariva (CEO and co-founder of FL3XX) has been appointed as Chairman of the Associate Members Advisory Council (AMAC) of the EBAA. AMAC represents the diverse interests of the EBAA through eight groups focused on industries supportive of business aviation. AMAC enhances the relationship and communication between operators and associate members.

FL3XX co-founder Paolo Sommariva is elected to lead AMAC for a three-year term. In his inaugural speech, in the plenary room of Eurocontrol where the EBAA board meeting took place last March, Paolo made a bold declaration: “Let’s double the AMAC membership in the next year!” In a separate interview, Paolo elaborated “I’m really excited to work with this group of amazing and highly motivated professionals in a wide gamut of industries. It’s a potentially explosive mix. I hope to have a good formula to focus everyone’s energy in a direction beneficial to all operators.” He also added that he is thrilled to work alongside board members who are all exceptional persons in business aviation, and under the direction of the Chairman Jürgen Wiese.

Paolo Sommariva

AMAC Chairman

I thank the board for an induction into the industry association. It’s a great honour, and I am excited to build further and improve the associates’ organization with some extraordinary teammates. Specifically, I want to focus on three groups:

1) Carriers: provide more substantive, reliable information to carriers
2) Associates: re-organize group-work with more effective online communication tools
3) Members: provide members with more, timely, reliable, and substantive information that is easy to access

Paolo Sommariva has a history as a disruptor in aviation. With over 25 years of experience in technology as well as several in private aviation, Paolo has the vision to open the market to the wider world of travel by leveraging technology. He strives to live in a word filled with innovation, where great talents turn disruptive ideas into realities and people collaborate and focus to get things done.

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