10 Years in the Making

10 Years in the Making

WRITTEN BY ON January 6, 2021.

As we start this 2021 with high expectations, mostly focused on regaining the liberty of movement, it’s a good idea to review our 2020 before we remove it from our collective memory as the worst year in a long while.

At FL3XX we’ve however been blessed. It was time we got a break after 10 years of hacking at our software and building out the top performer in our market. I’m not sure that sales outcomes are the most significant milestones, but they are easy to read to all, so here we go:

We have more than doubled our customers. We have also opened the US market, where the 1-year custom implementation for Clay Lacy was crowned with a successful deployment at the very end of the year. We also signed up over 15 new customers in the US. To achieve that, our partnership with Stellar was the key element. We could not have done that alone.

As business increased, we also doubled the aircraft fleet running on FL3XX, and on the charter side, we sent 2 million quotes. It does sound like a lot of quotes! I would partially attribute this high figure to the automation and optimization we provide, which enables sales to send quotes with a single click. Our next endeavor is to further optimize benchmarking and sales propensity to decrease the overall number and increase the quote/sold ratio.

Our mobile apps passed the 5000 users mark and of course, crews are over half of them, and they love it.

To achieve all this we doubled ourselves. We are now over 30 young, driven, smart pros and we have incredible online tools to boost our performance. Our culture of freedom and responsibility is a match for the top performers that we are. This is our strength.

In terms of diversity, we’re unbeatable. We come from 21 different cultures and we’re an even mix of genders. Nothing among us is just conventional.

Together we work on the product. 85% of us are strictly working on the best service we can give our customers. In 2020, we added 750 features to the platform. 750 is such a huge number I can’t even picture it, and it makes me so proud of working with our team. We also added 80 mobile features, which is also no small achievement, considering several under-the-hood improvements we invested in.

We don’t like bugs

Our bug rate, as compared to other similar industries with mission-critical, complex applications, is ridiculously small. We beat the index beyond measure. This is one big reason for the speed at which we can perform.

While doubling everything in a year, we also canceled our first customer meeting TAB (Technology. Aviation. Business). It was an amazing spring event in Vienna that would have brought together over 100 top professionals to talk about the business of aviation. We rebuilt it online with great content and got record participation. Thank you for the great feedback!

To the next 10 Years and beyond

Looking back a bit further, we ticked off our 10th anniversary. Time flies! That was the beginning. Now looking forward to the next ten years of growth, to bring you an incredible range of added value services across the board and hundreds of connectors with all the providers you need.

Now that a tear is shed, we started the amazing 2021, in which we plan to double our business again, with bigger challenges and also a new set of projects to bring business aviation closer to its customer base, be it owners, charterers, patients or parcel movers.

I look forward to seeing you – in person – this year and hope to serve you with the best service ever.

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