Intuitive, simple and easy to use.

Streamline your sales, dispatch, scheduling and customer management with our web-based aviation platform.

How Can FLƎXX Help You?

We guide you through the whole workflow and provide instant solutions.

Save your time and effort

We build our system to be practical and accessible so that you can get the most out of our tools and retain full situational awareness.

In FLƎXX all your departments work on the same up-to-date information. You do what you have to do. Let our system take care of the rest.

Work across all devices

Manage and book flights on-the-go with any device. Our apps keep you synchronized with your business so that you have exact and up-to-date information regardless of where you are.

everything happens inside one system, eliminating the old-fashioned way of infinite copy and pasting and ensuring you accurate, error-free and most current information.

Connect to any system

Connecting the world is a core value. Hundreds of business aviation services are directly connected to the platform so you can find all your suppliers in one place.

Every other day our customers ask for new connections and that’s what we do: connect your suppliers to the platform, automate relationships and save 90% of your work time.

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What our customers say

"FL3XX is better than any other flight management system we ever tried! It saves us up to 70% of time, which is very important for us. With a staff of 6 dispatchers a day covering a 24h operation, we can dispatch more than 30 flights a day, and keep on working for the flights planned in the next days, weeks and months. It’s the best software that we have worked on!"

Walid Ammar, CEO Flyeasy, Switzerland.

"It’s awesome, really. I can’t say enough about how well FL3XX is tailored to our needs. It is easy, user-friendly and very intuitive. I absolutely love the dashboard. I can grasp all my flights at one glance. Thanks for a great tool!"

Benjamin Götze, Privateways, Management


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