Richer, faster and easier way to set up flight confirmations

MyHandling a global provider of business aviation handling systems today announced its partnership with FL3XX, the leading aviation management platform for the business aviation industry. The API integration between the two companies is going to streamline the process of handling requests enabling a richer, faster and easier way to set up flight confirmations.

This latest enhancement will further enable FL3XX users to utilize MyHandling as a handling booking platform, allowing for more efficient use of resources and effective communication capabilities. Since its initial design, 30+ FBOs have implemented MyHandling software, including Bergen (ENBR), Grenoble (LFLS), Chambery (LFLB), Barcelona (LEBL), and the whole Skyvalet network (in France and Spain).

“We are pleased to be working with a quality partner that is as committed to helping schedulers and flight planners as we are with handling agents. The integration between MyHandling and FL3XX simplifies both booking and managing handling requests. Schedulers, flight dispatchers or even sales can run a more successful business and take better care of clients,” said Pascal Meyer, GM and founder of MyHandling.

The sophisticated API further empowers users by offering them the freedom to pick-and-confirm handling, thus saving hours of manual work, eliminating paper and reducing errors.

“Integration with MyHandling enhances communication between operators and FBOs ensuring our users faster processingof their handling requests,” said Paolo Sommariva, CEO of FL3XX. “Now our customers are not only able to fulfil their requests easily and accurately with more than 30 FBOs, but will receive live status updates directly to the FL3XX Dispatch. We look forward to continuing to connect other services available and guide our clients’ success with new capabilities as they’re introduced.”

Pascal Meyer and Paolo Sommariva will be co-exhibiting at next AirOps Europe held at Cannes Airport on Sep 20/21, 2017.



FL3XX is a web based, aviation management platform to run charter and scheduled airlines.  Based in Vienna, FL3XX provides jet operators the most advanced platform. Almost 50 operators already rely on the fast, feature-complete platform.  Interconnection is a core FL3XX value, where dozens of services are integrated on the platform, saving thousands of work hours.

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ABOUT MyHandling

MyHandling business aviation planning and management software application for airports and FBOs frees station agents from time-consuming administrative tasks so they can focus on delivering a superior customer experience and increasing business profitability.

The software is fast to implement and easy to use, for a quick return on investment. It provides to any FBO a one-stop shop solution for handling requests.




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