DevOps Engineer
We’re looking for talented DevOps Engineer with an expertise on AWS, containerisation, Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment, Virtualisation, automated deployment and scripting.

As a DevOps Engineer, you should have an understanding of the continuous deployment mindset (infrastructure-as-code and security-as-code), and apply test-driven development to infrastructure.

You will be responsible for building, operating, configuring and maintaining our server infrastructure and automating service deployments.


  • Design, set up and maintain deployment systems
  • Design, set up and interrogate system monitoring
  • Improve and optimise existing system infrastructure
  • Implement best-practice access control and system security
  • Identify and resolve uptime, performance and scalability issues
  • Take ownership of problems and get stuff done
  • Stay up to date with the latest technology developments
Core Technologies: CentOS, Docker, Jenkins, Maven

We’re especially fond of people who:

  • Focus on project goals.
  • Iterate until customers love what you’ve built, and pay for it.
  • Have a hacker mindset and master the fine art of balancing time, features, and quality of code. You know when to unit test and when to “just ship it”.
  • Strive to grow personally and professionally, beyond just expanding technical abilities.
  • Love to experiment with new technology and share knowledge with the team.

If you feel attracted to this profile but don’t think you’ve got all we’re asking for, DO COME FORWARD! We’re looking for challengers who like to take up new projects and learn along the way. Our idea is that drive is stronger than experience.

To apply please send us your CV at [email protected]