Aviation Product / Project Support Manager

Your job is to support the software development team to understand and comply with aviation rules, terminology and workflows. You will manage the requirement specifications and test intermediate versions of the software. You will discuss requirements with customers (business jet operators and airlines). You will also spearhead support to customers. This is a comprehensive role in collaboration with senior management. You must understand how FL3XX’s platform works. In your job you may travel to see customers anywhere. The job requires energy, initiative and drive.

Your knowledge of airlines and business aviation is a fundamental asset in this position.

Your main tasks are:

  • Manage software requirement specifications

  • Support customers in using the software

  • Train users

  • Test the software

  • Oversee conformance of software to aviation standards

  • Discuss features with business jet operators and airlines

  • Support management in decision making

  • Participate in customer sales meetings

Your Profile:

  • Good communications skills

  • Knowledge of EASA and FAA regulations

  • A dispatch licence is a plus

  • Dispatch experience is an even bigger plus

  • A flight license is also a plus

Please send your resume and cover letter to jobs@fl3xx.com