How long does on-boarding take?

In our own Guinness of records we signed up a 1-aircraft fleet and it was booking flights 2 hours later. Ok, that was a special case. In general you will have more time to do this. If you have all the information (aircraft, staff, prices, brochures, AOC, OM, etc.) handy we can set you up in a few days. As a rule of thumb a company with 10 aircraft can be operational in just 3 days and a single-aircraft fleet in just a few hours. These are extreme examples based on experience, where all the data was available up front and FL3XX put a team on the job. The on-boarding process is a delicate one. The pricing setup, the documents look&feel and the operating process details must be perfectly tailored to your airline’s requirements. Our experienced crew can do that swiftly to your pace.

For a successful on-boarding process we need all your information. We provide you with our on-boarding tool and checklist while supporting hands-on.