How do you keep my data secure?

There are several levels to the security of your data.

Firstly we do not share your private data. We will never do that and that’s explicit in our standard agreement. We are very much aware that a data breach would be known around the market in a flash and we would be out of business shortly after that. A security breach for a software company is a bit like a deadly crash for an airline. The technology we implement for security changes from time to time as new challenges arise and new solutions become available.

The data – your data – is stored in encrypted databases running in secure facilities. The security we buy is the same as for major tech companies you are familiar with. We also monitor our systems continuously and we keep track of security issues on the internet.

Data transmission is encrypted on transit so it cannot be intercepted, even with man-in-the-middle attacks.

The login is secure. Entering credentials in the login form and their evaluation are secure and fully compliant to cutting edge technology.

We also use strong encryption across the board.

There is also a security component left to you. Your team needs to be aware of the risks and instructed on simple security protocols. For instance don’t answer emails from unknown addresses, even when the email looks familiar, e.g. a legit-looking email from Apple but the sender is e.g. and don’t stick a post-it note with your login credentials on your computer display.