FL3XX Platform is on Android now!

Manage your flights on every system.


FL3XX – aviation management platform just released a set of beta applications for Android. Our customers can use from everywhere their “Crew”, aircraft “Sales” and aircraft “Owner” on IOS and now also on Android. The first application to be released is “Crew”. Both “Sales” and “Owner will be published in following weeks.  


Stefan Oberender, founder and COO of FL3XX said

“We are proud of our team of developers who are working hard to make our platform more automated and optimized every day.  Day by day we are moving toward changing the world of aviation with our technology”.


Paolo Sommariva, founder and CEO

“Just with few clicks, you can manage your whole aircraft sales, communication and crew – from phone or tablet. The time saved and communication mistakes avoided”.


About FL3XX

FL3XX is an aviation management cloud platform where everyone works together in real time while saving thousands of work hours.  

FL3XX provides carriers with the most advanced platform and mobile applications (IOS and Android) which includes over 100 features and services integrated.

Based in Vienna, Austria with new offices opened in USA and China.

Learn more at fl3xx.com and follow us on Twitter @fl3xx





Contact Name: Kasia Gerlée
Company: FL3XX GmbH
Phone Number: +4369914477209
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