Frequently Asked Questions

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Has your platform been approved by an Authority?

Yes. FL3XX is approved by the Civil Aviation Authorities of Malta and Greece. There are ongoing approval processes with CAAs in other EMEA countries.

Do you offer training packages?

Yes, absolutely. Although our platform is very easy to use, it’s a good idea to have some hands-on training to gain proficiency quickly and quickly cut down hours of work to minutes. You can book one or more days on-site training with our specialists.

When you hire new recruits we can also provide a quick primer, a 2-4 hour online session to bring them up to speed.

How is flight time calculated?

An internal algorithm instantly determines flight time so the you can stay on top of things while editing flight details. This is >90% accurate.

Once your flight details are complete, the Rocket button (provided by RocketRoute) calculates best approved route, including SID and STAR and forecast winds.

Prices you see on your screen are always current, so you can keep editing and even simulate scenarios in real time. Add a stop, change airport or aircraft, add a passenger and see what happens.

What happens if price changes after I sent a quote?

When a price change occurs, a new column appears in the price table so you can compare the old price and the new price. Changes in your favour are green, increases in your costs are red. If you accept the changes, FL3XX will prompt you to send a new version of the quote. All the changes and history are always saved so you can later review what happened.

Do you have invoice alerts?

Yes.The timeline visually shows unpaid flights in bright red so you make the right decision before it’s too late. It signals which upcoming flights require action.

Do you have owner transparency?

You have all the information for the owner at your fingertip.

An owner phone app is due for release later 2017. It will provide a live position of the aircraft with flights schedule and account information. Optionally, the owner will also be able to book the plane for a period of time with a single click. Stay tuned for the release announcement!

Is my data subject to inspection by any foreign authorities?

You are probably liable to show your data to your home-base government agencies. Besides that, we all know that the NSA in the USA has obtained inspection of data from foreign owners. This may not be in compliance with your national privacy regulations.

FL3XX does not host any data of European airlines in the USA or with any USA company (although some are foreign subsidiaries of USA companies). On request FL3XX can comply to any requirements you may have on privacy compliance or other such concerns.

My company is a IATA airline and IOSA certified. Is your system complient?

Yes. Among our customers there are IATA IOSA certified airlines. We have run through all the required checks and upgraded the FL3XX platform to IOSA specifications where needed. Today all our customers use an IOSA-compliant software platform.

Do you have a payment module?

FL3XX has a booking widget that can be inserted on your website to give immediate bookings to your FL3XX system. Custom payment solutions are available. Standard online payments will be available to all users in the course of 2017.

Do you have custom reporting?

Yes we do. If you want specific reports to suit your corporate requirements, there are several ways to fulfil your needs. You can give us a description or an example report and we will add a button for you to obtain that report in just a click. Such reports can contain formatted tables of data, charts, conditional text etc. If you need a specific data set to import in another system or in excel to run some routines, we will give you a button that exports the data to your pc in the relevant format.

Can you track Flight Duty Times separetely from Cabin Crews?

Yes, of course.The FL3XX platform keeps track of all the relevant duty times. Our flexible duty rules engine can accommodate any odd regulation that would be applicable in a particular situation. In fact, when you onboard FL3XX we will ask you for the OM Chapter 7 so we can implement your FTL rules in every detail.

Can I add other services on the FL3XX platform?

Its really simple. We have a free API that is published here. Any provider is welcome to implement it in their system to connect to FL3XX. Of course we offer support on implementation and we can provide additional API calls for added functionality you require.

Currently there are almost 50 API connectors in place and more coming every week.

Is it possible to create individual pricing profiles per aifrcraft, and per client?

Yes, of course. Pricing is set up for each aircraft independently. We provide different pricing models to accommodate your needs. Whether you have a fixed rate for charter, or you need to know the precise cost of a flight and your margin on each flight – FL3XX has you covered.

Are there connected costs to the mobile apps? Or do the apps have a subscription fee?

When you signup for FL3XX, it’s all-in. The entire platform, with mobile apps and all the features we release every 2 weeks, are forever included.

Can I book hotels or cars directly out of your platform?

This is one of the areas where FL3XX makes the difference. We have dozens of services integrated in the platform. Ground transportation, hotel bookings, catering and other services are available without leaving the platform. The automation dispenses you from re-inserting information already known. Take for example a catering order. When you open the DeliSky service, you don’t have to enter flight number, departure airport, tail number, type of aircraft, number of passengers, departure date and time and the list goes on. The system knows all that and does not ask you again. Save time. Avoid mistakes.

Are taxes added automatically when quoting or closing a sale?

Yes, national taxes are automatically calculated and included. Just forget about them. This feature is unique to FL3XX, so much so that we made it available on the EBAA website at and on where those who don’t use FL3XX can save hours of tedious work, figuring out the complex tax rules of UK, France, Italy and many other countries that apply taxes.

Can I see crew duty time limitations?

Yes you can. We believe the question is more articulated. When dispatching a flight you don’t really want to see it all, you just want to see if there are issues with crew duty. You want to see if there are any margins that are tight. You also want to see a forecast for the next flights, how the day will close and play out some what-if scenarios. Then when the day closes you want to have a report to sign off and when the Authority inspection arrives you want to have all the numbers ready at your fingertip. These are just some of the use cases for duty time limitations. FL3XX handles them all. Based on your OM we build the custom rules so that you have full compliance across your operations, even if you have multiple AOCs.

As an example, if we provided you with our financial data could you generate full reports with all cost data and flight data per trip?

With our technology we can create any report. The best way to go about it is to provide us with an example report and we create with automated features so that obtaining it becomes a 1-click experience.

How does FL3XX manage airport fees and charges?

FL3XX has a very flexible way of managing all flight related charges. You can set all those items per region, or – in places you go often, or in places that are very expensive – per airport.

If you need more automation we provide a connection to RDC Airport charges, which will provide you with the exact pricing for all relevant airports.

Do you have fuel reporting?

Yes, we provide reports on actual fuel consumption.

What is FL3XX?

FL3XX is a web based, API* driven, aviation intelligence platform designed for charter and scheduled airlines. Based in Vienna, FL3XX provides jet operators worldwide with the most advanced platform platform that works on any mobile device. Available since Feb 2016, almost 50 operators rely on the fast, feature-complete platform.
Interconnection is a core FL3XX value, where the API integrates dozens of services onto the platform, saving thousands of work hours.

What is FL3XX not?

FL3XX is not a market place, it is not another charter app. FL3XX is a full operations suite for jet charter companies.

What’s included in the solution?

FL3XX is a full-size managed workflow platform handling the entire sequence from incoming flight requests, all the way to crew post-flight operations completed. It also contains a full set of backoffice and support features such as travel management, crew licenses, duty time limitations, invoicing, subcharter, etc.

To complement your work, it also integrates dozens of external services such as flight planning, EFB integrations, fuel prices, catering service, crew briefing and much more. Among our most popular integrations are Avinode, RocketRoute, MyHandling, HRS, Delisky, JetHunter, PrivateFly, CalDav, PPS, Primus, Returnjet, Fuel & More, Time and Date, Flightkeys, Charterpad, ADS-B exchange, etc.

What does FL3XX cost?

FL3XX’s flexible pricing is built to fit your airline’s requirements in fairness. The price is based on several elements and some of those are factored on a curve so everyone can afford our amazing services. The major components are MTOW of your aircraft, the number of services you integrate, and the number of staff you have on board. On our website you will find some basic prices for a small operation. Call us for a demo or a quote.

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How do you keep my data secure?

Is FL3XX a reliable system? Does it have downtime?

How long does on-boarding take?

Can you integrate with other platforms or services such as Avinode?

How does the connection with Avinode work?